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American Sign Language: "here"

The sign for "here" 

Main version: HERE

Handshape: Both hands are in a relaxed flat hand shape..  By "relaxed" I mean the fingers can be together, or they can be loosely separated.  The hands are not "rigidly" flat, but have a very slight curve.  The thumbs are open a little bit, but certainly not "extended."
Location:  Out in front of you, about belly height.  
Orientation: palms facing up
Movement:  Each hand moves in a small circle.  They don't go up and down.  They both move forward, then out to the side, then back toward the body, then in towards each other.
Non-Manual Marker (Facial expressions and or body language) neutral.



The sign "THIS" can be used to mean "here" as in "this place."

THIS / here:


You can also indicate "here" as in the "immediate vicinity" by pointing at the floor, raising your hands an inch then lowering them an inch.

"Right here in this very place."


The pointing version of HERE is more of a "right here" or "this very place."  The pointing version can be used at the end of the sign "come" to mean "come here." The point at the floor version is also used as a common single-sign response to "where" questions:  "Where's the party?" "Here."
The flat hand version is the general sign for HERE and means "this location" in general.


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