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American Sign Language: "hungry"

The sign for "hungry" is made by forming your right hand into the letter "c." 

Move your hand down the middle of your chest. You don't actually have to touch your body but most people do -- especially if they want to emphasize how hungry they are with a stronger movement.

The sign for "hungry" is also the same as the sign for "wish."  Some people start the sign for "wish" on the upper chest  and prefer to start "hungry" from a slightly lower position. I don't mess around with that.  But if it helps as a memory aid, think of a "wish" coming from your heart, and hunger coming from your belly.  But, again, it is okay to use the same sign for both concepts.



"Are you hungry?" = "HUNGRY YOU?"

Note that the concept of "are" as a question form is expressed in ASL via raising the eyebrows and tilting the head a bit.

HANGRY (hungry + angry):

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