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American Sign Language: "limousine"

The sign for limousine is done by signing "CAR" (to establish what is being discussed) and then doing the sign for "long-CAR" while using a slightly intense facial expression.


Note that I'm establishing context by establishing "CAR" as my topic by using raised eyebrows.

After it is clear that you are talking about a "car," (either from context or having used the CAR sign) hold both slightly flattened "C" hands in front of you, a bit off to your dominant side, at about shoulder height and pull your dominant hand back toward your shoulder and your non-dominant hand forward using a relatively quick, firm stretch movement ending with solid hold. Often you will see quite a bit of facial intensity as a way of emphasizing that it is a big fancy car.


Usage notes: The other day I watched a fellow tell a story about a limo traveling up a long winding road to get to a ski resort.  The signer used slightly flattened "C" handshapes held about 8 inches apart and moved them in unison forward and side to side pointed slightly upward to depict the limo moving along a mountain road. To get the hand position right, imagine holding a 2 x 4 piece of lumber on your shoulder.

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