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Also see:  REUNION
Also see:  MEET

This is a general sign that means "a meeting."  It would not be appropriate to use this sign in the sentence: nice to meet you.  For that, see the "meet" page.

In a message dated 6/1/2003 8:14:34 AM Central Daylight Time, writes:

Hi Bill,
Sorry to bother you. Just wanted to know, if you were talking about a Family Reunion, would that be the same as signing. FAMILY+PICNIC? Or is there another
sign for that.

Thank you

Hi Jerry,
For "family reunion" a really good way to sign that is to sign "FAMILY gather-to"
If you feel that the "re" part of "reunion" is important you could sign "FAMILY AGAIN MEETING."

The sign MEETING (the version that refers to a group meeting) uses all the fingers and the thumb of both hands and is different from the sign (labeled as) "MEET" which only uses the index fingers of each hand.  Don't get hung up on the "labels" for these signs. 
A group of people can meet. (Use the version that uses all of the fingers and thumbs on both hands.)
Two people can meet.  (Use the version that only uses the index finger of each hand).

See:  "GATHER-to"
Also see: REUNION

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