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American Sign Language:  member

The sign for "member" is done by touching an "M" hand to the side of your chest and then moving it to the other side of your chest and touching it again. Don't "drag" it across. Just make contact twice. Once at the beginning and once at the end of the sign.


Note: The sign can start on either side of the chest. It is correct either way but it seems to me that more people start on the non-dominant side of the chest. (The left side if you are right-handed.)

You can vary the handshape of this sign to create other the meanings. The sign "member" is related to a number of other signs that are done in the same location and use the same movement (but a different handshape).


Question:  How do you know whether this sign means "committee," "congress," or "council?"
Answer:  It depends on the rest of your sentence or the general topic of what you are discussing.  The meaning is generally clear based on your sentence.

See: Animation: "COMMITTEE"



Another variation of the sign for "MEMBER" uses an "F" handshape.
That version means "FACULTY.

If you use an "S" it might be interpreted as SENATE. 


If you use an "S" that changes into an "F" it means "staff."




Another way to sign "member" is to use the "CONNECT" sign. The CONNECT sign can also mean: "of, join, own."


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