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American Sign Language: "Memorial Day"

Memorial day is celebrated on the last Monday of May.

Most native Deaf adults fingerspell the concept of "memorial" and that is how I want students in my classes to do it.

If you spell "memorial" more than once in a conversation it starts to become "lexicalized."  By this I mean, it starts losing letters and looks more like M-gibberish-L. 


Note: advanced signers often do very abbreviated versions of signs.  For example, they may do the sign for DAY with the tips of the fingers of left hand touching the midpoint of the right forearm instead of resting the right elbow on the back of the left hand. Lots of us just "spell" D-A-Y.

Since many "Hearing" people have a phobia about fingerspelling you are likely to see some people using the sign "REMEMBER" + DAY to mean "Memorial Day."  I don't have a problem with that--but I recommend you stick with the fingerspelled version.



See: Animation:  Remember

As I rehearse the concept "Memorial Day" I notice myself doing a lexicalized spelling version that feels a lot like "email" but starting with an M.  This is obviously due to the fact that I used to do the "fingerspelled" version of email about a zillion times a day.

Also, yet another way to sign "Memorial Day" is to do the sign for "REVIEW-("look-back") and then add the sign for "DAY" or spell D-A-Y.  I haven't posted that version yet, but it is out there in the community.

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