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Here is an awkward little sign.  But it makes sense because it looks like a mole scooping dirt.

In a message dated 12/18/01 1:50:50 PM Central Standard Time, Jolene S. writes:

At my school we have a pre-school class with students that use sign.  We need the signs for Mole,  Badger,  &  Hedgehog.    Also could you recommend a good sign language dictionary (computer disk or book) for us to use. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ANY HELP YOU CAN GIVE ME
Jolene S.
Guthrie Center Elem. School

The signs you requested are not common signs.
I did find the sign for "mole" in the (huge) Random House American Sign Language Dictionary (I have the unabridged version.) I was surprised to see it.  That is a dictionary I suggest you purchase for yourself.  For the kids you might want something a little smaller and user friendly.  Just go to the library and borrow a few books that look good.  Set them on a table and see which ones the kids like.  If you are unsure about the accuracy of the sign, compare it across several ASL dictionaries.
Have a nice day.

American Sign Language University ASL resources by Dr. William Vicars
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