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American Sign Language: "money"

The sign for money uses a flattened "O" (as if holding onto some money) and smacks it (lightly) twice onto the palm of the base hand.



Sentence: "Where do you keep your money?"  = YOUR MONEY, YOU KEEP WHERE?


Also see: BUY
Also see: PAY

CASH:  The sign for "cash" is going to depend on what you mean. If you mean "paper money" (not electronic) then fingerspell C-A-S-H.  If you "specifically" need a "dollar bill" (piece of paper) (and don't want 4 quarters) for a machine you could sign "ONE-DOLLAR RECTANGLE" and then sign "FOR" and then mime feeding the dollar into the machine. 

If you mean "cash a check" (or "cheque" the British spelling of check) the right way to sign it is going to depend on if you want money back or not.  If you are just going to deposit the check then sign "DEPOSIT" if you are going to get money back then sign a combination of:  "DEPOSIT WITHDRAW MONEY."  You can also sign "EXCHANGE" as in, "I GO BANK EXCHANGE CHECK" -- with the assumption that your conversation partner will understand that you are exchanging it for "cash."

The common "gesture" of rubbing the fingers together as if "feeling money" is not a substitute for the sign "MONEY."  You may see this "gesture" from time to time in the Deaf Community, but it is slang. It is very informal and usually used in a light-hearted manner.  If you are an interpreter -- keep it professional.

"MONEY" (slang) (gesture) (not recommended for common use in formal environments)


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