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American Sign Language: "music"

The sign for music looks sort of like you are holding a book of hymns in one hand and leading the choir with the other hand.  Both hands are in "flat"-handshapes.  The sign has obviously become very simplified over the years since you just hold the dominant hand over the music book swing the dominant hand back once and then forward again.


Animation:  "MUSIC"

POETRY (initialized version of "music") (not recommended)
You can initialize the above sign for MUSIC by using a "P" handshape on the dominant hand.  That changes the meaning to "poetry" instead of music.

POETRY (ASL version) 
You can start this sign with either a "closed O" handshape or with an "S" handshape.

As time goes on I'm seeing more and more people do it with an "S" handshape so eventually I'm going to need to redo my graphics.  The flattened "O"-handshape carries a meaning of "give."  The "S"-handshape version carries a meaning of "express." The idea of either version is to take the beauty in your heart and offer it up to the world.

Animation: Poetry ("from the heart" version)

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