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American Sign Language: "really"

Amara writes:

I'm interested in learning sign language so I'm teaching myself until I can join a class and I was wondering how would you sign something if the two words you want to use have the same sign. Example: "I really need a car." Really and need are the same sign (which you know) do you have to sign both words or just one? If it's just one word that is needed is there ever a time when you would have to use the same twice? Also I know you prefer your students to choose a dominant hand to sign which but is it wrong to switch hands. I write with my left hand but I can do many things with my right hand including signing and sometimes my dominant hand switches because of this.


Hello :)
"REALLY" and "NEED" are not the same sign.

"REALLY" uses a version of the TRUE sign.
"NEED" is part of the "need, must, have-to, should, ought-to" sign group.

To express the concept of "really need":
1. You could sign: "TRUE NEED"
2. You could exaggerate the sign for "need" by doing it a bit larger, faster, and holding it a micro-second longer at the end.

The sign NEED can be inflected (changed) to mean "really need" by exaggerating the movement of the NEED sign (without needing to add the sign "TRUE").

English concepts like "really," and "very" are often incorporated directly into other signs by changing (emphasizing or exaggerating) the way you do the sign (not by adding a sign for "really" or "very").
Dr. Bill


See: NEED 

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