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American Sign Language:  "slow"

To sign "slow," slide the dominant hand (right hand if you are right handed) up the non-dominant forearm a short distance--starting at the back of the base (left) hand. You only need to go a few inches.
Usage note:  If you do this sign "very fast" it means "very slow."  If you start the sign and hold it in place for a moment, then roll your eyes and then finish it quickly it means very, very slow.





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In a message dated 1/4/2007 5:06:30 PM Pacific Standard Time, quiltstash@ writes:
Is it really true that if you do the sign "slow" VERY FAST it really means VERY SLOW?  That seems so backwards to me.  Can you please verify this when you get the chance.
- Meg
Think of the sign and the speed of the sign as two separate indicators of meaning.
Think of "increased speed" of the movement of a sign as a general intensifier for whatever that sign means.
For example, if I sign "STUPID" quickly, it would mean:  "very" stupid.
If I signed "UGLY" quickly it would mean "very" ugly.
Thus we see that signing something quickly tends to have the effect of creating the meaning "very."
Thus the handshape, movement, palm orientation, and location of the sign SLOW (and many other signs) can be modified by signing them quickly--thus inserting the concept "very" into the meaning of the sign.
Dr. Bill

Also see: FAST

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