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American Sign Language:  "video-record"

There are several ways to indicate the video recording process.

Here is a good general sign that shows a video camera in the action of recording.
I'm using my base hand as a form of "tripod" to emphasize that I'm in the act of officially recording something.




Also see: VIDEO-GAME


Also see: VIDEO-TAPE

Also see: WEBCAM


Optional Reading / Archives:

Now I'll show you a couple of older versions of this sign that I don't see much any more. There were about 5 ways to sign video record.  One common method was to use an "L" hand or a "3" hand so show a person using a "camcorder."

CAMCORDER-(video record) (not recommended)


The above sign was also often done with the thumb, index and middle finger. 
From there it evolved into the more modern version done with all of the fingers in sort of an "open-AND" type handshape.

Here is another old sign for video record. It is based on the "camcorder" concept as well. I don't use this sign, but I thought it was worth passing along.  The fingertips and thumb-tip actually touch your forehead and cheek.


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