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American Sign Language: "What-kind?"

WHAT-KIND: The sign WHAT-KIND doesn't need or use a separate sign for WHAT. Instead you sign "TYPE/KIND" while using a "WH-Question" facial expression.  

WHAT-KIND (or "type of")
"K" handshapes rotate around each other.  The dominant hand (in my case, my right hand) starts on top of the non-dominant (left) hand and ends on top of the left hand. Both hands move.


Sample sentence:  "What kind of candy do you like?" = CANDY, YOU LIKE WHAT-KIND?


The sign for WHAT-KIND user furrowed eyebrows when used as a question but you can do this sign without furrowed eyebrows to mean "kind" or "type of." As in, "That is my favorite kind!"

If you are looking for the sign "KIND" as in "Dr. Bill is a kind, caring individual," see: KIND


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