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In a message "wheremyheartrests" (Chad) writes:

Dear Dr. Bill,

...With the Lord's help, I will be starting a class through a partnership between Vincennes University and IUPUI to have a Degree as an ASL interpreter. The first two years is certified through Vinceness and is taught at the Indiana School for the Deaf. And then the final two years are taken at IUPUI.
And while I have college credit, and know quite a bit of ASL and SEE, I have felt led to take the entire course. But as part of the course they require an ASL proficiency test prior to taking the course. So my question is simple: Do you have any advice for me?
Thank you, and Lord Bless,

My advice:
Take the test and do well on it. (Heh)
Since you already know some signing the real issue is to focus on ASL and avoid signing English during the test.
Here are a few simple pointers:
Avoid using initialized signs that have ASL versions.
Avoid excessive mouthing. (Use mouthing for mouth morphemes such as "cha" "pah" "mm" "oo" etc. but not to mouth English words.
Put your Wh-type signs at the end of your Wh-type questions.
Raise your eyebrows for yes/no type questions.
Have a long conversation with a Deaf friend just before taking the test.
Practice explaining how to play your favorite game and give directions on how to get to your favorite place.
-- Dr. Bill



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