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Dennis Satlanta writes:
I am using your course to study ASL but am also intrested in a more formal study. I have 2 options I can go to a state school (Valdosta State) and do the whole thing online. This would be the most convenient way but i would not have any hands on instruction nor would I be able to mix with other students . The other choice is to go to a community college and get a certificate (as opposed to a BS) in ASL. This would mean an hours commute at least twice a week. Since I hlaready have an AA degree which means all the English, history math, etc completed , both programs would take approximately the same time and would be the same cost. I would be eager to know which way you would go. I do not know exactly what I want to do with the sign after I finish . So degree or certificate?

I recommend you go for the BA and also locate "real live Deaf people" in your local area to make friends with and interact with.
The "commute time" would be better invested in attending local Deaf events.
The BA will provide a stepping stone for whatever comes next in your life. (Perhaps a masters degree?) Also, (the organization) now requires candidates to have a BA degree to sit for their interpreter certification exam.
-- Dr. Bill


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