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Sample request and response:

Hello Dr. Vicars,
I am a student in your ASL 1 class Mondays at 9:00 a.m. I wanted to take your ASL 2 in the fall but the class is already waitlisted. I was wondering if there was any way for me to secure a spot next fall, because this class means a lot to me and I really enjoy you as an professor. If I don't get into this class it means my graduation will be delayed. If there is any thing that can be done, please do let me know.
- Student


Dear Student,
In order to protect currently registered students from an overcrowded classroom I have chosen to use the University's existing online registration system with it's existing prioritization criteria to determine class enrollment. If a student is unable to get into a class it is generally because other students need to get into that same class as much or even more.

Registration opportunities are assigned in the following order:
1. students with disabilities
2. students in retention programs
3. graduating seniors
4. seniors
5. freshmen
6. classified and credential graduates
7. juniors
8. sophomores
9. second bachelors graduates
10. other unclassified graduates

Only a relatively few of my students are classified as having a disability or are in retention programs. Thus, graduating seniors will improve their chances of getting into the classes they need by planning properly, registering as early as possible, and taking advantage of the existing priority registration system. This system has been carefully considered and designed to provide the maximum amount of fairness for all while maximizing overall student retention.
Dr. Vicars

p.s. If you need to take ASL in order to graduate, you might want to consider checking the availability of ASL classes at other colleges. It is sometimes possible to take an ASL class at another college and transfer that credit back to your local college.  Visit for articulation agreements in the CSU system.


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