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Kayti Bratcher writes:

... I have been looking into careers using ASL. However, my tattoos and dyed hair keep me from being able to get any employment by schools or government. I was wondering if you could give me ideas for ASL careers for people like me?

Thank you for your time!

Kayti Bratcher


Hello :)

You could become a freelance interpreter (assuming you are or eventually skilled enough to interpret).
You could move to a big city where tattoos are more common.
You could open up your own business and offer classes or training to people who want to learn ASL.
You could use Dermablend or some similar product during your interviews and then after the interviews you could over a period of several months reveal more and more tattoos.  Most people (employers included) can get used to "differences" if the amount of difference is slowly parceled out over time.
Best wishes for your success.
-- Dr. Bill

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