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American Sign Language:  "ASL Tongue Twisters?"


A teacher writes:
I had a student ask me today, "is there such a thing as tongue twisters in ASL?"
I don't know of any, or anything remotely similar, but do you?
-- A teacher in Texas

Dear Tex,
Ha! That is a great question!
The old "pat your head and rub your belly" exercise would be the general idea of a movement-based "tongue twister."
Try to think of signed utterances wherein students just can't seem to get the movement "right." And then string some of those together.
Something along the lines of: "I exchanged my scarf and tied my shoes."
Another activity that is somewhat analogous to "tongue twisting" would be exercises like fingerspelling CAT on one hand and COW on the other hand at the same time, and then switching.
-- Bill



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