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American Sign Language:  "YEARS"

"Dr. Bill,
I am learning to sign so that I can communicate with my niece. I have not been able to determine how to sign the year 2011 or any year for that matter?

Dear Elaine,
It still varies from signer to signer...but for the year 2011 you are generally safe signing 2 (palm forward) zero (palm forward) and then 11 (palm backward with a single upward flick of the index finger). There is only a slight rightward movement (for right-handed signers).
Another method is to use a "modified" "in-air only" "one-handed" "shortened movement" version of the sign "thousand."  2 "thousand" 11. I've seen that used by quite a few interpreters (more-so than Deaf).
- Dr. Bill 



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