If you are looking for an excellent, low-cost guided way to learn ASL you might really like the ASL Training Center.

ASLTC is a subscription online learning program offering multiple levels of American Sign Language courses and is based generally on the ASLU (Lifeprint.com) curriculum.

ASLTC offers two subscription plans.
1.  Monthly at $9.95 per month
2.  Yearly at $59.95 per year
You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Pros: Low cost, structured, authentic, works on most devices, quizzes, automatic grading and score tracking, computer-generated completion certificate.

Negatives: Does not involve live interaction and may not be suitable for students needing human signature documentation.

For general information about the low-cost ASLUniversity subscription-based courses, see:

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If you are ready to subscribe, go to: