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American Sign Language:  "early"



Both hands keep the same handshape throughout the sign.  The right hand slides over the left hand.
Memory aid: Think of the sun's rays coming over the horizon "early" in the morning.

Note: The base hand can be either a fist or a flat hand.
Note: The middle finger is sliding over the back of the non-dominant hand ("slide it" don't "flick it").

#EARLY:  "lexicalized version"
This version of the sign spells out the letters of "early." I notice when I do the sign I leave out the letter "A." I also blur my "R" and "L" together. I also tend to trace a counterclockwise circle (from the signer's perspective) in the air.  You might see other variations, but the point is lots of people do a "fingerspelled" version of #EARLY.

In a message dated 7/29/2014, Scott from (Arkansas Children's Hospital) writes:
Dr. Vicars,
...I wanted to let you know (in case any of your ASL heroes travel to Arkansas) I ran across a funny southern dialect for "waking up early." They do not use the traditional "EARLY." It's common to see "rooster" instead. I definitely wouldn't recommend signing this normally, but to be aware! ...
-- Scott

That is funny/cool!
Thanks for sharing!
- Dr. Bill

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