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American Sign Language:  house

The sign for "house" uses "flat hands" to show the roof and walls of a house.


Hand shape:

The hand shape can be either "B" handshapes or just "flat" hands.


There are a couple of different ways to do the sign "house." 

You might see house signed with the fingers pointed upward. I wouldn't sign it that way for everyday conversation but this version could be used for times when you want to embellish your signing a bit to make it more iconic and lively. For example, I might use this version if I were telling a story to a group of children about a certain "house." 

HOUSE (version)


For everyday use though, I tend to do the sign house with the fingertips pointing forward instead of up.

HOUSE (recommended version)

House and home are two different signs. You should not use the sign "house" when you mean home.

See:  HOME

Also see CITY


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