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American Sign Language:  law / rule / principle


This sign can be initialized with an "R" to mean "rule," a "P" to mean "principle," or a "C" to mean commandment (as in "The Ten Commandments").  A combination of a "C" that changes to an "E" is used to indicate "Code of Ethics."

LAW:  Touch the palm of the right "L" hand to the left flat-hand palm. Then pull it off an inch or two, move it down an inch or two and touch the left palm again.

Note: If you use the sign LAW in a compound sign such as "brother in law" or "attorney" then you should drop the second contact in the sign for law.

YOU WISH your-SELF LAWYER? (Do you wish you were an attorney?)

See:  Lawyer




NOTE:  This sign doesn't mean "principal" (spelled with an "al.") Principal uses a different sign.

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