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American Sign Language: "principal"

This sign is good to use if you mean principal as in the leader of a school or "the school principal."

Touch the tip of the middle finger of the "P-hand" to the back of a  palm-down S-hand twice.
This sign refers to the person "principal" of a school.  The sign "principle" spelled with an "le" instead of "al" uses a different sign.


There is quite a bit of variation in ASL. Don't get hung up on the small details.  My friend, Sean Benson signs "principal" by starting with the dominant hand along side the non-dominant fist.  He then does a bit of a circular movement wherein he swings the "P" hand up into position above the non dominant hand and then brings it down once firmly.

PRINCIPAL (another example)



I have another friend (Deaf) who the sign PRINCIPAL with the non-dominant hand in a palm handshape facing down (instead of in a fist shape).

If you mean some other type of "principal" (other than the leader of a school) you should use a different sign than the "P" on the back of the fist.  For example:

See: TOP


If you mean "principle" (note the different spelling) as in a "guiding rule" then see:  PRINCIPLE

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