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American Sign Language:  "meet"

The sign "MEET" uses "index finger" handshapes.  The two hands "meet" in the middle. (Make sure to scroll down and check out the me-MEET-you version.)



There is another way to sign "meet" that can actually incorporate the subject (me) and object (you) of the sentence into the sign. 

The sign "me-MEET-you" or "I  meet you"  uses the movement direction of the dominant hand to establish who is meeting whom.  Notice how the dominant hand (the right hand for right handed people) moves from me toward you.  The non-dominant hand (the left hand for right handed people) is held away from the body.  The right hand "meets" the left hand. (It is the opposite for left handed people.)  You
don't need to add the signs "I" or "YOU."  This one sign includes that information already.


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