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American Sign Language: "where"

The sign for "where" is made using your index finger. Hold your hand in front of you and "waggle" the finger side to side a couple of times.  Imagine yourself looking at a map on the wall.  You put your finger on the map and move your fingertip a bit to the left then a bit to the right as you try to finger out "where" you are on the map. 





Notice the "furrowed eyebrows?"  They are part of the sign.  When asking questions you use "furrowed eyebrows" for all of the "wh-" question types:  WHO, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, WHICH, FOR-FOR=(what-for).  However, if you are asking a yes/no question (a question that can be answered with a yes or no) your eyebrows should be up. 
Eyebrows up for "yes/no" questions.
Eyebrows down for "wh" questions.
(Unless it is a rhetorical question. But that is another lesson for a later time).

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