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American Sign Language:  "principle"

The sign for principle, (as in a guiding rule) is similar to signs such as "rule" or "law" that are done on the palm of non-dominant hand.

Hold up your non-dominant "flat-hand" with the palm facing outward and the fingers pointing upward (as if representing a piece of paper.
Touch the thumb-side of your dominant "P" hand the flat upper finger area of the non-dominant hand and then pull the "P-hand" off of the palm a bit as you make a small downward arc with the "P" hand and touch the lower part of the palm.



Here is an example of another signer "Sean Benson, single, Deaf, early 30's" doing the sign for "principle."


Also see: RULE
Also see: LAW

Note: The sign PRINCIPLE doesn't mean "principal."  If you mean "principal" (as in the guy who is in charge of the school) then see:  PRINCIPAL

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