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American Sign Language: "race / compete / sports"

(This sign is not used for things like a person's heritage.  For that kind of "race" just spell R-A-C-E. See the notes below for more information.)

You alternate tilting or moving  "A" handshapes forward and back so that one is farther "ahead"  than the other. The sign can mean RACE or COMPETE.  Some people use this sign for "SPORTS."  Some people prefer to spell out "S-P-O-R-T-S."

Yes, I know my sweater is totally awesome. 

No, I don't know where you can buy one just like it. Sorry.
No, you can't buy mine from me. It was a gift.



Also see:  "WITH" - advanced discussion
Also see: GAME

RACE:  (as in heritage) 
When expressing the concept of "race" -- if you are talking about a person's heritage you could sign something like, "YOUR LAST NAME WHERE FROM?" "WHAT NATION YOU?" or "WHAT COUNTRY YOU ANCESTOR?"  If you are giving a lecture you could just spell R-A-C-E.  If you are doing some sort of social services interview with someone who doesn't understand what "race" means then it is appropriate to use an expanded form of the sign:  "R-A-C-E YOU? BLACK, WHITE-(Caucasian/pale), NATIVE-AMERICAN, DIFFERENT, DIFFERENT, WHAT YOU?"

Sometimes you might see a person grab a hunk of their cheek or the skin on the back of their hand as their way of signing "race."  (I'm not recommending that method. I'm simply telling you it is "out there" so you'll recognize it if you see it.)

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