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ASLU Faculty:

Director / Instructor / Webmaster:
William G. Vicars, Ed.D.

"Dr. Bill" of has taught ASL in-person to well over 10,000 students and many times that number have benefitted from his online courses.
Dr. Bill was born hard of hearing and became more and more Deaf as he grew up.  He earned a Doctorate in Deaf Studies (Ed.D.) 
and a Masters in Deaf Education from Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas

He is the founder of "ASL University," which is an online resource site for sign language students, teachers, interpreters, and parents of Deaf children.  He has also been known to lead "immersion excursions" to amusement parks as well as host ASL "Boot Camps" out in the "boonies." He has taught ASL workshops in a wide variety of settings including community centers, the IRS, Hill Air Force Base, Morton International, Defense Depot Ogden Utah, Mills Montessori School, Newgate Mall, The YCC of Ogden, Clearfield Community Schools, Davis County School District, Weber County School District, Ogden City Corporation, rest homes, group homes, non-profit organizations, libraries, hospitals, The Sign Language Studio, The Sign Language Association, Weber State University, Lamar University, and dozens of other places including Guyana, South America.

Dr. Vicars has served as Coordinator of the California State University Sacramento Deaf Studies program where he currently teaches as a full-time tenured full-Professor.  His courses cover a wide variety of Deaf Studies-related topics including ASL linguistics, "Classifiers" (depicting verbs), medical signing, computer signs, and other advanced topics.

He and his wife Bee (who is also Deaf) reside in Sacramento, California.

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Instructor / Assistant Director:

Belinda Vicars, MFA

Belinda has taught ASL for over 20 years in a variety of settings. Currently she is an adjunct instructor at California State University - Sacramento, and has also taught at Sierra College in Rocklin, California, with a focus on curriculum development and distance education.




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