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GLAD: Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc.
GLAD: Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc.
2222 Laverna Avenue. Los Angeles CA 90041.
Phone:. (323) 478-8000. Fax:. (323) 550-4205

Opening "Chat Log Session 5"

Lii: Hi, DrV!:)

DrVicars: Hi, how are you?

Tigie: I'm fine thanks, and you

DrVicars: Great thanks.

Lii: I'm doing great, thanks!

DrVicars: So, where are you two from?

Tigie: I'm in San Francisco. This has been an unusually busy week for me.

Lii: Colorado.

DrVicars: Such diversity. What lines of work?

Tigie: I work with retarded children, some with other disabilities too

Lii: I'm disabled with a neuromuscular disease, so I don't work outside the home. I volunteer,

DrVicars: Gotcha. What time do you have?

Sandy: 8:59

Lii: 7:01MST

DrVicars: Okay looks like we are ready to get started.

Tigie: I'm finding it difficult to memorize this stuff w/out someone to practice on/with any suggestions?

DrVicars: Sure...

Lii: I volunteer at my sister's elementary school and her class is trying to learn sign so we can
practice together. It helps a lot./

DrVicars: Good idea. Also have you checked into any of the local deaf clubs? Some of the high
schools have clubs.

Tigie: I don't know of any here in SF.

Sandy: Would the clubs be listed in a phone book?

DrVicars: Sometimes they are, or you could contact the National Association of the Deaf and
ask them for the number of your local chapter or president.

[Note: Last I checked, the National Association of the Deaf address is: 814 Thayer Ave Silver
Spring, MD 30910-4500, Phone: 301 587-6282 V/TTY  FAX: 301 586-4873]

DrVicars: If you will email me during the week, I will look up the SF club, or at least GLAD.
That stands for Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness. Try Googling it or looking that up in your local phone directory first.

Tigie: Thanks alot, I will :-)

DrVicars:  I just found a phone number for GLAD

Tigie: great

DrVicars: (213) 383-2220 That number is a few years old but you can give it a try. It is for
their referral program for when you need to find an interpreter, but you could ask for who to talk
to about getting more information.

Tigie: I'll call them but LA is an 8 hour ride from here.

DrVicars: Ah... I see, that is quite a distance but they do have outreach programs (or at least they "did").  I used to work for the outreach office in Orange County as a volunteer back in 1985. (They might still be there.)  So perhaps there is an outreach program in your area, or they can refer you to a similar program in your area.

Tigie: Cool-thanks


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