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Interview:  Connie Rubery

Date: 12/8/00 1:55:38 AM Central Standard Time
From: ConRuby
To: BillVicars

1.  What changes have you noticed in value systems of members of the Deaf Community over time? 

More deaf children go to mainstream school now.

2.  What differences do you notice in the social interaction of a Deaf group as compared to a Hearing group?

More communications with deaf people and use more gesturer body language with hearing people as our communication tools.

3.  What cultural conflicts or misunderstandings can arise from these differences? 

I am not sure if I understand this question, when I ask "hearing friend" a question alike "don't you mind if I can use your pencil" they normally answer NO. With deaf people when I ask them the same question and they answer OK or YES. I have to think the opposite of this culture.

4.  How do issues of power and oppression play out in the dynamics within and between Deaf and Hearing Communities? 


5.  Are you satisfied with the opportunities your school experience gave you for developing your self-identity and belonging to a community? If not, why? 

Yes, I have good school and life but something missing, I go to hearing school and I am only one deaf student there. Feeling lonely but sports real help me to keep myself busy in school's life.

6.  What changes would you like to see in educational programs for Deaf children related use of ASL and the study of Deaf Culture? 




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