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Interview:  Dr. Michael Bienenstock

Date: 12/8/00 9:04:58 AM Central Standard Time
Interviewee: Dr. Michael Bienenstock

1. What changes have you noticed in value systems of members of the Deaf Community over time?
(eg. Deaf Clubs, mainstream vs. Deaf schools, cochlear implants, etc)

have not noticed that much. but it seems that a small group of deaf people are moving toward a more mainstreamed way of life via the cochlear implant.

2. What differences do you notice in the social interaction of a Deaf group as compared to a Hearing group?

Deaf people are more straight about what they say since they are generally a much more closer group.

3. What cultural conflicts or misunderstandings can arise from these differences?

Hearing people may feel that deaf people are not tactful in what they say.

4. How do issues of power and oppression play out in the dynamics within and between Deaf and Hearing Communities?

if the situation is controlled by deaf people they tend to have power, but if a board or organization etc is controlled by hearing people it is almost impossible for a deaf person to obtain a position of leadership regardless of their skill level.

5. Are you satisfied with the opportunities your school experience gave you for developing your self-identity and belonging to a community? If not, why?

yes, but i am postlingually deaf.

6. What changes would you like to see in educational programs for Deaf children related use of ASL and the study of Deaf Culture?

I believe that deaf kids should be taught ASL grammar andlinguistics such as in the Lucas -Valli book. Hearing kids are taught grammar of English but deaf kids never learn this. they may learn ASL but they also need to know the rules of ASL.

I hope this helps


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