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Teaching ASL: Advice to people wanting to teach American Sign Language at a local college:

"Career Advice for ASL Instructors"

If it were me and I were a young instructor just starting out and I wanted to secure a teaching position at a college, this is what I would do:

I would make a list of EVERY college in a 60 minute driving radius of my home.
I would then find out which department in each of those colleges either offers or might potentially develop an American Sign Language course at some point in the future.
I would then find out the contact information for the Chair and Dean of each of those departments.
I would then send to each Chair and Dean of each of those departments an email indicating my qualifications and availability as either and adjunct instructor or as a substitute instructor.
I would also follow up with a hard copy letter to each of the Chairs stating my qualifications and availability.
Then twice a year, about 3 months prior to each semester I would again send a very similar email to each of the Chairs reminding them of my availability to substitute at the last minute and/or to serve as an adjunct instructor for ANY ASL or Deaf Studies related course they might offer.
Eventually one of those Chairs is going to need a substitute instructor or is going to need an adjunct instructor. They are going to email you out of the blue and ask if you can teach a course.


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