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ACCOMPLISH: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for: accomplish / achieve / achievement / attain

Also can mean things such as: obtain a desired result, reach a goal.


The concept of "accomplish / achieve" can be signed a few different ways depending on what you mean.


If you mean accomplish as in "achieve" or obtain a goal:

The "achieve" / "achievement" version of "accomplish" incorporates the sign for "goal" and the dominant hand "reaching" or "accomplishing" that goal.

The non-dominant hand is a "1" handshape and the dominant hand begins near the body and moves to the non-dominant index finger changing from a "loose-claw 5" handshape to a "S" handshape.

ACHIEVE, accomplish, attain, reach a goal, obtain a desired result:




Sample sentence: next-YEAR YOU WANT ACCOMPLISH WHAT? What do you want to accomplish next year?




If you mean accomplish as in "to succeed" or "success":






The English phrase "bring off" is similar to "pull off" as in to have successfully achieved a desired result.  The sign "ACCOMPLISH" could in the right context mean "bring off."


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