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ASL: "again / do over / repeat"

The concept of "AGAIN" can also be used to mean "repeat" or do over. 

To sign "AGAIN" bend your dominant hand at the large knuckles and then move your hand in a bit of an arc and touch the palm of your non-dominant (flat) hand with the fingertips of your (bent) dominant hand.

AGAIN / do over / repeat


What is your name again?= "AGAIN, NAME YOU?"



Handshape: Right hand = "bent-hand" Left hand = "flat hand"
Location: Neutral signing area in front of the body
Palm Orientation: Right hand = starts facing up or at a "10 o'clock" position. Left hand = varies: palm up, palm right, or "neutral 2 o'clock position"
Movement:  Right hand moves in an arc until the fingertips touch the left palm.
Non-Manual Marker: neutral




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