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BIRD: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "bird"

The sign for "bird" is made by forming the letter "g" and placing your hand at the right side of your mouth.  Open and close the thumb and index finger twice.




Note:  The sign "BIRD" can also be used to mean "chicken"-- depending on the situation.  Suppose you were in a restaurant and your date asked you what you you were going to order.  You could reply, "BIRD" and it would mean "chicken."


Sample sentence: CAT LIKE EAT BIRD?




One way to show the concept of FLY as in GLIDING BIRD is:




Note: A single-movement version of the sign BIRD can in context mean "tweet" (Twitter - social media).




A discussion of a BIRD landing on a wire and many BIRDS landing on a wire:






A discussion of a WOODPECKER pecking a tree:





A discussion of a BIRD hopping along:





A discussion of how to show TALONS:





A discussion of how to show a BIRD's beak and upper body:



If you want to learn more animal signs, check out:




Also see: FLY



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