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CALIFORNIA: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "California"

The sign for gold starts with a loose index-finger handshape pointing at the earlobe and then you shake a "Y" handshape.

But this is a "flexible" sign.  While most people use an index-finger or "L" hand as the first handshape in the sign for California; some people use a "five handshape."  



 I tend to just sign "gold" using the index finger and "y" handshape to mean, "California."




Model: Byron Cantrell (Native Deaf, Deaf School/Georgia, Deaf wife, Deaf kids, long-time ASL instructor.)

In everyday usage the sign CALIFORNIA "actually" starts with somewhat of a loose "L" hand (rather than a "tight" "index hand").  Quite often it starts with an "ILY" (I love you) handshape!


Memory aid: California is the Golden State.
The non-initialized sign for GOLD (the version that uses a "Y" hand) is the basis of the sign for California. 

You will also see quite a few people starting the sign for California with a "5" handshape rather than an "1" or "L" handshape. 


CALIFORNIA (version)



Places in California:


Riverside, CA:


Boston, MA / Berkley, CA:






San Francisco:


Sample sentence: I moved to California around 1985.


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