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CL:C-modified: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "CL:C-modified / classifier C modified"

CL-C-(modified: index-and-thumb)


This could be used to indicate things that are flat, round, and six to ten centimeters in diameter (for example, a silver dollar).


If you use two hands to make a large circle using modified C handshapes consisting of the thumb and index finger of each hand:
Circles / flat round objects / dishes / round portals / holes / large spots / round stains / hub caps / large round rings or hoops such as the top hoop of a lamp shade / a clock on the wall / a large relatively flat round pan such as a pizza baking sheet / a large magnifying glass / etc.











Notes:  For an explanation of "classifiers" in general, see: CLASSIFIERS

Also see: "CLASSIFIER: C"
Note: Quite often "Classifier: C" will be used with the mouth morpheme "CHA" (which means that you might see people's mouths move as if they were saying "Cha!" while doing the sign.

Also see: THICK

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