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CL:1 : The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "CL:1 / classifier 1"

The "1"-handshape classifier (CL:1) is typically used to show long skinny things:

person standing in a certain location
person walking upright
one-lane road




WALK:  "CL:1 version"
Here's an example of CL:1 being used to show a person walking by:



GO OUT: CL: 1 version


RUNNING over surface: CL: 1


WALKING over surface: CL: 1


Some lexicalized classifiers that have become standardized signs:









Note: At one time the sign for "KILL" was probably based on a "CL1" handshape representing a knife. I'm not saying that the sign for KILL is a classifier. No, no, no. What I'm saying is that many signs started out as classifiers and then became "lexicalized" (standardized, fossilized, frozen into specific signs) and are no longer classifiers.  My point here though is that CL1 can be used to show a knife.

Notes:  Also see: Classifier 3

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