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CL:4 : The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "CL:4 / classifier 4"

The term "CLASSIFIER 4"  is abbreviated as: CL:4

CL4: This sign is used to represent multiples of items that are arranged in a certain way. 

CL4 can be used for many things: 
curtain styles
rows or lines of people
lines on a surface

Here is an example of a "line of people:"
Both hands are in a "four" handshape.  The right hand moves backward. The left hand can either stay put or it can move forward a bit.

Note:  The right hand is a "four" handshape.



LEAK-ceiling: CL:4


An interpreter from Michigan (Volleyjen0416) writes:
I have a question for you.
When you use the CL:4 Classifier for "line of people" where is the front of the line? my index finger on my right hand or my pinky on my left hand?

It depends on how you set it up.
If you hold up your left 4 hand and then move your right 4 hand backward (toward your right shoulder) that means the front of the line is your left pinkie.
If you hold up your left 4 hand then put the right 4 hand on the outside (away from you) and move the right 4 hand further away from you then the left index finger is the head of the line.
- Bill
William G. Vicars, Ed.D.
Asst. Professor of ASL and Deaf Studies
California State University - Sacramento


Just because you use a "4 handshape" doesn't mean you are using a "CLASSIFER."
Classifiers contain information "about" the thing to which you are referring.
The sign for CURTAINS is not a classifier.  It is a simple noun referring to your drapes.
To do the sign, drag 4-handshapes straight down.
Now then, if you start getting fancy and "show me" how your curtains are hanging, (maybe they go out to the sides before going down THEN you would indeed be using a "CL:4" (classifier 4).




Note: Technically it could be argued that the curtain sign is also showing "vertical lines."  So, if you wanted to use this sign to talk about vertical stripes, you could.  Context is very important eh?


CL-4: "picket-style fence"







Notes:  Also see:  "classifiers"

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