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DAD: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "dad" or "father"

Also see: MOM


There are various ways to sign "dad" or "father" in ASL.  A good general way to sign "dad" or "father" is by placing the tip of the thumb of your "5-hand" on or near your forehead. 

DAD / father:

For the sign DAD you can use a slight "tapping" motion to touch the thumb to the forehead, move the hand out an inch, then touch the thumb to the forehead again.  You don't have to "tap" it.  You can just touch your thumb to the forehead for a moment. You don't even need to make contact with the forehead as long as you get it relatively close.  Some people "wiggle" the fingers--it means the same either way, wiggle or no wiggle.
Note: Some people say that the "wiggle" makes the sign more intimate as in "papa" but that isn't widely established. Some people start with an "A" hand and open into the "5" hand.  I just stick a "5" hand up there.

Sample sentence:  "How many sons does your dad have?" = YOUR FATHER, HOW MANY SON?




Also see: "GRANDPA

Also see: "MOM." 

Signing tip: Some people do the sign DAD using a "double" tap to the forehead.  (Likewise for "MOM.")  That is "okay."  However, if you sign "MOM" and "DAD" one right after the other (as in "parents" you just do one contact (or near contact) each sign. Just use a single movement for MOM and a single movement for DAD and it ends up meaning PARENTS.  See: "PARENTS"


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