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American Sign Language: "feel" / sense / mood / feelings

The sign for "feel" uses the middle finger bent at the large knuckle.  The tip of the middle finger moves upward along the chest as if representing the feelings inside of you.  Note:  The finger doesn't actually need to touch the chest.  In faster signing it tends to NOT touch the chest . But it is very common to touch the chest.   Also, you might see it done with a double movement which tends to mean "feelings."  Or I've seen this in the sentence, HOW YOU FEEL?  (with a double movement of "feel") to mean "How are you feeling?"  Note: The sign "HOW" in that sentence is optional if you use the "wh"-facial expression with the sign for "FEEL.




Notes:  For a discussion regarding the concept of "feel like" see:  "FEEL-LIKE."

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