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FEW: The American Sign Language (ASL) sign for "few / several"






My wife, (and several other sources) insist that the sign "few" only uses 3 digits. Hmm. Since I have to live with her I get the privilege and honor of being married to her, I'm going to post her version:




Another variation is to start with the pinky finger:





Note: The smaller and tighter you hunch your shoulders and do the movement, the more scarce the referent.


SEVERAL:  Note "several" and "few" are the basically the same sign, but you can do the movement a little larger and spread out to indicate that while limited it isn't necessarily scarce.

Note: The meaning I'm expressing above with my facial expression is, "There are more than just a few, but not that many.


SEVERAL (another example)  Here is the sign "SEVERAL" using a more casual facial expression indicating a bit more generous version of "several" as in "more than a couple."


Sample sentence: A few students will graduate soon.






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