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To do the sign for "forget," hold your hand in front of your forehead (or go ahead and put your fingers on your forehead) and then pull your hand sideways across the front of your head as you change the handshape from a loose flat hand into an "A" handshape or a "loose"  "A" handshape (with the thumb sticking out).
Tip:  Think of wiping your mental memory bank clean.





When discussing the "forgetting" of things -- you may on occasion see people drag the tip of the middle finger (of a handshape that is a "5"-hand with the middle finger bent at the large knuckle) across their forehead. 
That sign is basically using the sign for EMPTY (or "blank") and dragging it across the forehead as if to suggest that your memory bank is empty (or a "blank slate").  This is the equivalent of the English idiom "draw a blank."

See: BLANK-MIND-[mental-blank/draw-a-blank/blank-slate/draw-a-mental-blank]



Also see: EMPTY


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