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GR8: Pun sign / joke sign for: "great"

GR8: "Great!" (ASL spelling and number pun version of leetspeak "gr8" -- joke sign)

GR8 ("Great! -- joke sign)

April 5, 2024:
Question: How long as the Deaf Community been using this sign?

Any simple answer might inaccurately suggest there is some sort of existing broad acceptance and usage of this emergent protologism.

For a definition and discussion of what a protologism is, see:

The GR8 protologism (or perhaps "neologism") was brought to my attention in March of 2024 by one of my interns who saw it during their day job as an interpreter when one of their Deaf clients signed it to them at the completion of an assignment to wish them a "GR8 DAY!"

It is possible that the GR8 (pun / joke) sign may have been in use for a considerable length of time but if so such use hasn't been widespread nor common. I've not seen this sign prior to 2024 nor have I seen it documented anywhere prior March of 2024,
neither had my wife (who is also Deaf and moderates several online Deaf / ASL - related groups), nor my intern (who is a certified, working interpreter with over a year of Video-Relay interpreting experience). Which isn't to say that "someone" hasn't already documented it. I'm not making any claims to being the first to document something I'm simply a content creator that noticed a clever little (pun / joke) sign that is delightful on its own regardless of how long it has been used or how far it has spread -- and figured I'd document it and share it with my audience so they can enjoy it / appreciate it as well.

(Notice how I keep referring to GR8 as a "pun / joke" sign? I do that to help out those who are humor impaired to keep in mind that this sign is -- a pun / joke sign.)

Who knows? Maybe at some point in the future it will become just "a sign." Language evolves.



See: protologism

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