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American Sign Language:  "guarded"

Jackie writes:
Hello Bill.
What is the sign for guarded? I don't mean protected physically, but something like "having your guard up" or closing yourself off to someone. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated!

"To be on guard." "To have your guard up."   This sign is a version of protect.

"Whoa! That's not my thing!"  "I'm not into that."
To do this sign right, you have to lean your head in the opposite direction that your hand is pointing as if showing that you are physically trying to distance yourself from something.

"That is where I draw the line."  "I have a boundary there."  "That is a personal boundary of mine."


Do the sign "inside" but do it with the non-dominant hand actually right up against your chest, thus when you use the dominant hand to sign "inside" it can be thought of as meaning "inside of me" or "that is something I keep to myself."
Use a small repeated movement.


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