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American Sign Language: "gym"


Many people just spell the word "gym." 
The general sign for GYM looks like a cross between lifting weights an jumping rope. The position of the hands are up near the shoulders.

GYM (version)

That handshape is a modified "X."  The thumb is pressed up against the bent index finger as if holding a rope.


At the college where I teach (my day job) we regularly have department meetings. Before and after such meetings (and sometimes during, heh) I like to ask the various interpreters how they sign whatever concept is on my mind that day. Freelance terps are great sources of current and emerging sign variations because such terps regularly interact with a wide variety of Deaf people in a wide variety of settings. When asked "How do you sign G-Y-M?" - most terps (and native Deaf adults) respond with some variation that looks like a cross between jump rope and "lift weights."  The handshapes vary a bit, but generally the handshape looks like you are holding a jump-rope in your hands.  Some people do this sign with "G" handshapes but I don't recommend that.

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