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American Sign Language: "gymnastics"

Dr. Vicars,

My 16-year-old son is a gymnast.  I'm preparing a meet program for a competition hosted by his gym.  For fun, I'm translating the word "Gymnastics" into as many languages as possible.  I'm up to about 75 that I've confirmed.  We may have a contest, maybe just a graphic, I don't know yet.  With the Internet the way it is, it's pretty easy to translate single words from English, even with the subtleties between languages.  Some languages are more difficult than others.  Some languages don't have a word for gymnastics, like Hawaiian and Navajo; at least i don't think they do. 

I've seen a couple of different video versions for the word "gymnastics" translated into American Sign Language.  (When I say "gymnastics", I mean the sport of gymnastics.)  The most common is the hand shape for the letter "U" rotated around the opposite index finger.  I've seen the videos.  Assuming that's the correct translation, now I need to get it into a graphic version for print.  I created a sketch using PowerPoint; it's attached.  Does that graphic correctly show the word "gymnastics"?
Any help is appreciated.  BTW.  The attached file also includes some of the more-exotic translations I've found.  Exotic to me, an old man that speaks only English, and not very well.
Best regards,
Bill Plate


Graphics credit: Bill Plate


Bravo Bill (Plate)!
Your graphic was really terrific. I went ahead and adjusted it a bit an posted it to my (new) gymnastics page at Lifeprint.
Feel free to use either your original version or the version I've posted.
Take care,
- Dr. Bill


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