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American Sign Language: "lady"

The right sign for "lady" depends on whether you are using it to indicate a "woman" or if you are trying to indicate a "socially proper woman."

The general sign for "woman" combines the sign "GIRL" and "FINE."

GIRL + FINE = "woman"

Note: The sign "WOMAN" also has a more abbreviated form, for more information see: WOMAN and scroll down.

If you want to use the sign "LADY" to indicate a "socially proper female" then you will combine the signs GIRL and POLITE.

LADY (version)
GIRL/female + POLITE = "lady"

To sign polite you brush the tip of the thumb of your right five-hand twice on your chest using an upward motion.  The hand moves in a very small circle, up, out, down, back.  It is on the upward stroke that the thumb-tip touches the chest.  You might see other versions of this sign, but this is how I do it.

 Also see:  WOMAN

Also see:  GIRL

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