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ASL: "lock"

Discussion:  The concept of "lock" can be signed various ways in ASL depending on your meaning.

A common way to sign "lock" as in "to lock" or "I locked the door" is to use a single movement version of the sign KEY.  The sign looks like you are turning a key in a lock.

LOCK / to lock / locked it:


LOCKED / the lock / it is locked up:


If you mean "lock" as in "the lock" (rather than the state of "being locked") you can use the "LOCKED" sign (the one that uses two "fists") if you have enough context.  However if it is not "very obvious" from the rest of your sentence or the situation in which you  are signing that you are referring to "a" lock rather than "to" lock (the verb form) you should just fingerspell "L-O-C-K."   For example you might sign:  "IX-(point at the lock) fs-LOCK BROKE" to mean "the lock is broken."



The "key turn in a lock" sign can be used to create an idiom that means "stop talking" (and start using your hands to sign).

LOCK-your-vocal-cords / turn your voice off / stop speaking and instead use your hands to communicate / Voices off / immersion



Also see: LOCKED
Also see: KEY

Compare with: START


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